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Our events are a fantastic way to involve all the babies, children and staff in fun and sociable activities.


Summer Term 2016 Events Calendar







Thursday 21st

It is the Queen’s birthday today, she has another official birthday in June. We shall be making some Birthday cards and sending them to the Queen. We shall be making crowns and drawing pictures of the Queen.

Friday 22nd

On Saturday it is St. George’s Day. Today we are going to be learning about St. George, making flags, shields and dragons. All children and staff will be invited to wear red and white for the day. The children will also be having an ‘English Tea Party’ of cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam!




Thursday 12th and Friday 13th  

International day of families - All families are to bring in photos for a display for everyone to see. We shall be creating some lovely pictures of those that are special to us and talking about them.

18/05/16- 17/06/16

National smile month – We will be inviting local dentists to come in and speak to the older children about the importance of keeping their teeth clean. Healthy eating will also be discussed. The children will be making smile masks and using toothbrushes and paint to make pictures.

Monday 23rd

World Turtle Day - Kacie, Cassie and Krissy are going to be bringing in their tortoise and we shall be talking and looking at the differences between turtles and tortoises. We shall be talking about how we have to be nice to all animals.




Wednesday 8th

World Ocean Day – Let’s talk about the ocean and explore what lives under the sea in a variety of ways including sensory exploration bags and lots of lovely water play.

Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th

School leavers parents evening from 5pm

Friday 17th           

Father’s Day stay and play – All dads and granddads are invited to come and stay and play from 2.30pm onwards. This will also include afternoon tea. Children will be making cards and painting pictures of their dads/granddads.


Tuesday 21st  and Wednesday 22nd

Parents’ Evening – Come along to see how your children are progressing within the nursery.


If there are any events and festivals you celebrate, please do let us know so we can celebrate them with you.


Parents Invited Days

If your child attends nursery on these days then this is an opportunity for you to come in to nursery and spend time with your child. We will host these events each term and vary the days of the week so all children and families will have the opportunity to take part.


We also want to extend the invite any new parents who would like to join in with any event published here and want you to know you are all very welcome.


My nephew attended Abington Park Day Nursery and he was able to build up his confidence and was gaining his social skills, he talked about lots he had done and the staff that were in his room, the nursery is bright and welcoming.  Colleen


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Suggestion box for event ideas

If you have any ideas for fun, educational and creative events that Abington Park Day Nursery can get involved with, please contact us with your suggestions


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